Patient Advocate

Palliative Care Consultant & Educator

Certified End of Life Doula


June Reilly Fitzpatrick, RN founded Peaceful Presence in order to bring understanding and peace to a time in life that can be very confusing, overwhelming, lonely, and difficult to navigate. A 30 year career as a Critical Care Nurse, training as a Certified End of Life Doula with Advanced Mentorship and as a Certified End of Life Trainer, June has dedicated her life to helping people live and die per their wishes, with as much comfort and peace as possible.

June serves people with advanced, chronic, progressive illnesses and end of life care, through education, advocacy, mentorship and practical hands-on training. With a goal of enhancing quality of life and making a positive influence on the course of one’s illness, June empowers people to live and die as they choose while being supported with acceptance and compassion.

As a Patient Advocate, June helps bridge the gaps between Medical professionals by educating and explaining your diagnosis. She can provide information on changes you may be experiencing, answer questions, explain medications, and help you understand the whole picture in “non-medical” jargon. Medical practitioners have been focused on saving patients, at all costs, this is changing. June can help bridge that gap to help you transition towards end of life in a meaningful way, that you direct.

As a Palliative Care Consultant and Educator, June helps you develop a plan that begins at diagnosis. With your direction, she will help you craft your individual plan, allowing autonomy and choice, with dignity, respect and comfort.

As an End of Life Doula (meaning “to serve”), June facilitates end of life discussions with you and your family, offering practical, physical, emotional and spiritual help. Through the end of life journey, June “serves” with guidance and support, providing a physical, peaceful presence to both you and your family.

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A hand to hold, an ear to listen and a heart to understand. I am here to share my passion, to be a Peaceful Presence, in your end of life journey.