Personal Journey

We come into this world alone and we leave alone, each of us on a personal journey. Both ends of the Life spectrum, personal, spiritual and not really “medical” journeys.

When a new life is entering this world there is usually much preparation. Planning, readying, having all we need in place.Talking and communicating with everyone involved, family and friends, we are ready and wait for the birth with pure joy, love and anticipation.We feel ready, loose ends tied up, all is in place.

I fear when death is approaching there is little preparation, communication and readying. We stay quiet, hoping Death will not happen, attempting to not discuss “it” for fear of upsetting whomever is dying and or their families.

I believe in Light…shedding a light on this subject…Taking the fear out of this very important discussion, maybe one of the most important discussions of your life. Opening up gentle conversation, learning what needs and fears someone may want to express. Holding space with intention and attention may be the most kind and loving action we can do…..