If You Are Dealing With Serious Illness, I Can Help. You no longer need to be alone, trying to figure it out. I will help you get what you need, find resources, and plan ahead. So you are able to have a more peaceful experience and as much control as possible.


The process begins with a free 20 minute discovery phone call.

I offer 30 plus years of experience as an RN working with chronic, complicated illness as an advocate for people. Helping to educate you with what you may be dealing with, putting the pieces of the “puzzle” together, while allowing you autonomy and choice in your decisions, I can be a physical presence of guidance and support for you and your family. 

The next step would be an initial, in person, 4 hour visit, where we would develop a specific care plan in writing. There is a one time fee for this in depth consultation. From here, pricing will be based on the Services, listed below, we decide together. We will create a plan using these, or a combination of them, depending on your individual needs.

I am located in Damariscotta, Maine. I will travel depending on availability, and your request for Service.

You are directing your care, I will do everything in my power to implement and respect your wishes, with compassion and dignity.

Transition Strategy Session

If you are at a crossroads of decision making or dealing with a crisis, we will put the pieces together and develop a plan. I can explain what is happening and facilitate family meetings to help mediate differences that may arise. I will make sure you know your options and we will be clear on your choices. 

Palliative Planning

This service is appropriate if you are ill or suffering in some way and need guidance longer than a one-time session. We will establish a plan that will develop over time. Depending on your needs, we usually begin with weekly/bi-weekly visits. Support could include activities of daily living, nutritional advice, medication management and education, accompanying you to medical appointments, hiring care givers, relocation assistance, and end of life planning. 

Hospital Advocate

I visit with you and your Medical team if you are admitted to the hospital. I will make sure you are getting your desired care, understand the information that is provided to you by the Medical team, and that you understand your options throughout your process. I will also communicate with your out of town family, if desired. We will create a plan based on your needs, choices and wants. I will be with you throughout the process for as long as you desire.

End of Life Doula Guide

I will guide you during this journey, you are not alone. We will be proactive getting your needs and wishes met. Each visit will be unique as this is a dynamic process and is different for each of us, changing continually. We will focus on medical and practical support issues. My expertise is combined with deep listening, spiritual, emotional and holistic support, my physical presence with you and your family during this time.

We will create a plan based on your needs, choices and wants.